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Parent Directed

Who has better rapport with your kids than you? Who spends more time with them than you? Who knows them better than you? The truth is parents have the unique opportunity to provide behavioral services that will make a lasting impression. 

Child Centered

As a small client-based clinic we can focus on developing radically appropriate programs for families. You can rest assured that your program will never be expected to look like someone else's. Struggling with dressing, transitioning to school, eating at a restaurant? We will focus on what your child needs.  

Future Planning

We don't want to replace the school system - we wouldn't even know where to begin. Our goal is to be a supplement in your life with the final result being integration into typical routines at home, school, family outings, etc.

Therapist Educated

We know when it comes to therapy for your child there are a lot of options out there. Our program is different from other companies in that it specializes in teaching the skills to the parents directly. Others might claim to be working themselves out of a job but we are proving it everyday.

Technologically Grounded 

It's the 21st century and with the advancements in technology there are now quicker and easier ways to take and interpret data. Our staff inputs their daily data into a program that is checked weekly By a BCBA to ensure programs are being correctly implemented.

Client Driven

We know our program isn't for everyone. But if it is the right fit for your family, our goal is to find ways to make this program accessible to you. If you are in school in the morning we can meet in the evening. If you are busy during the week perhaps a Saturday meeting would be best for you. We are in business for YOU and so we want to work our hardest to show you that we appreciate your trust in us.

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