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Joshua Bond, BCBA


Josh has been working in the field of mental health for the last 15+ years. His environments have included schools, autism centers and other various therapeutic settings. 

Josh graduated with a B.S. in Communications before going on to graduate with an MA in Psychology with an emphasis in Youth and Adolescent Development. Later he went back and re-certified his Masters in the field of Behavior Analysis. After completing all of the necessary prerequisites to sit for his boards Josh received his BCBA in 2013.

Josh's passion is to help the autism community become a more helpful and nurturing place for our children. His goal is to make sure each client has the necessary skills to thrive in their environment by bringing behavior analysis to the masses in a simple and foundational way.

Jeni Bond Therapy Coordinator


Yep, you read that right...we are siblings. Jeni has a degree in elementary education and has been working and growing the foundation for the last 5+ years. What started out as helping her brother build new programs has turned into her becoming an integral part of who The Foundaiton is. 

Jeni is always there to help families and encourage kids to break barriers and experience new things all while learning in a structured program. Jeni is there for families offering advice, lending a helping hand and sharing her enthusiasm for learning with all of our families. 

Jeni has never strayed far from her passion of teaching and molding young minds. She has worked in school and therapy settings across a variety of states and times but always finds herself most happy when she is teaching. 

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